Q: Do you offer packages?

A: Your wedding is unique. Together we can create a custom package that suits all your photography needs. We’ll start with determining the hourly coverage. Additional options such as an engagement session, bridal session, albums, a 2nd shooter and more, are also available.

Q: Do I receive rights to the images?

A: You receive Home Use Rights. This means you can print images wherever you like. Post them on Facebook. Even give photos to your friends and family.

Q: How do you feel about my wedding Pinterest board? There are a few pics I may like to have reenacted. 

A: Pinterest is a great tool. It helps us talk about photography with visual examples. Images you pin provide me insight into your photographic aesthetic. All I ask is to keep in mind that though Pinterest is great, we don’t want it to limit the possibilities we may have in creating amazing photographs for your wedding. For that reason, I ask that we limit mimicked photos to just a few.

Q: Do you take posed group portraits on the wedding day?

A: Though my style is predominately candid, I feel portraits are equally important. About a month prior to the wedding, you receive a questionnaire about what posed portraits you’d like the day of the wedding. For posed portraits with relatives, I ask that we limit those to 15-30 minutes to ensure I have plenty of time to focus on bridal party and bride-groom portraits.

Q: How many photos do I receive? 

A: I do not guarantee a set number of images to deliver to you. Quality of the pictures and weaving together a well-crafted visual story are my priority. You receive any image I feel contributes to your story. But to give you an idea, an 8-hour wedding usually receives 600-800 images.

Q: How long until the photos are delivered to us? 

A: Images will be delivered no later than 45-business days from the wedding date. You will receive a Sneak Peek of 50-100 images within 2 weeks of the wedding. Unlike some photographers who batch edit their images, I look through each image and retouch it as needed. My editing style amplifies what is already in the photo. When relevant, I will use some specialized filters to give photos a vintage look, but only when the styling of the wedding compliments that aesthetic. Hi-resolution pictures will be delivered via an online gallery and can easily be downloaded. This gallery makes it easy to share photos with loved ones who can also download images at no extra cost.

Q: My wedding is not in Charleston, SC. Are you willing to travel?

A: Yes! I love to travel. I’ve even been abroad to India, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, and a few other countries. Stateside, I’ve visited numerous states and cities. Outside of South Carolina, I’ve photographed weddings in North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, and New York. So, I’d love to to add more states and countries to my traveled list.

Q: What do I need to do to book you for my wedding?

A: After we’ve discussed and created your package, the next step is signing the contract and paying a 20% deposit. I cannot reserve the day for your wedding until I have a signed contract and the deposit. The remaining balance is due 5 days before the wedding day. If you prefer paying the balance early or in installments, that is perfectly fine as long as it’s paid in full by the wedding date.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: I accept cash, check, and major credit cards.

Q: What equipment do you use? Do you have a backup camera?

A: I use professional grade camera gear, which includes a backup camera. I have several lenses, flashes, and miscellaneous accessories that I use during the day as well.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes, I have liability insurance.

Q: What happens if on the wedding day you become sick or an emergency happens? Who would photograph our wedding?!

A: First, this has never happened in the 6-years I’ve been photographing. If it ever were, then I will do everything in my power to find a suitable replacement (as long as I’m able-bodied and conscious). I’m also fortunate to be friends with several photographers and we are pretty good about having each other’s back.

Engagement, Bridal, & After Wedding Sessions

Q. What should we wear for engagement portraits?

A: Layers are always great. Granted, the South’s seasons of hot and hotter-than-hades don’t always work for layering. So, bring 2-to-3 outfits. Stick to solid colors or simple patterns. Stay away from horizontal stripes and fight the urge to be matchy-matchy with your partner.

Q: What location options or themes can we do for engagement portraits?

A: The possibilities are numerous! I always ask couples to discuss the types of locations they love – whether that’s rustic Southern and oak trees or more of historic Downtown. I also recommend considering a place that has special meaning to the two of you such as where y’all got engaged, the place you met, or the location of your first date. For themes, we can stick to a classic portrait session or we can create a theme for the portraits. That can be including a quirky fun location like a bowling alley, country fair, or developing a very styled and fashion orientated shoot. But no matter what, having fun and being open to trying things is what will make the session great.

Q: When should I schedule my bridal session?

A: The latest to schedule your bridal session is 6-to-7 weeks prior to the wedding date. This allots enough time to have your dress spot cleaned after the shoot. All the bridal sessions I photograph are on location, and often outdoors. For the sake of creating beautiful images, this sometimes means having to get a little dirty. I will never ask you to dive into a mud pit, but I do ask that you arrive to the portrait session knowing that you may have to lay down or lean on things. I also ask that you do not bring or request to stand on a sheet. This restricts your movement and makes you hypersensitive to what’s happening to the dress, which means you’re not in the moment nor relaxed for the camera. If weather conditions are messier than usual, I always have a shower curtain and fabric with me, but they will only be used in extreme circumstances.

Q: Why schedule an engagement, bridal session, or after wedding session?

A: Not every couple needs an engagement or bridal session, but in many circumstances it’s a good idea. One of the best reasons is it gets both of you comfortable with being photographed and we get to know each other better. For engagement portraits, they are often used in a couple’s Save the Date mailers. Another trend is creating a special guest book that has the engagement portraits throughout it. As for a bridal session, this is a good idea because it gives us the gift of time, which we may not have the day of the wedding. Bridal sessions run about 2-hours. This way you get a lot of great images and it’s one less thing to worry about the day of the wedding. Since there is a lot of pressure on the wedding day and sometimes tight timelines, an after wedding session gives you and your partner the chance to dress back up and have an entire portrait session dedicated to the two of you. Often you’re both more relaxed and may have a tan from the honeymoon.

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